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The 6 LA neighborhoods most frequently affected by wildfires

Wildfires are one of the primary reasons people purchase home safes. In fact, one of the primary rating metrics used for home safes is time, specifically, how long will the safe withstand a fire of 1200 degrees. Liberty Safes have various models that range from 30 minutes to 150 minutes, or 2 and half hours. We decided to outline those LA neighborhoods that have been the most affected recently.

Over the last 10 years, several neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area have been affected by wildfires, causing significant impacts on homeowners and their properties. Some of the neighborhoods that experienced wildfires during this period include:

1. Malibu: This coastal community has been prone to wildfires due to its proximity to natural vegetation and canyons.

2. Topanga: Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga has faced the threat of wildfires due to its wildland-urban interface.

3. Bel-Air: This affluent neighborhood has witnessed fires that have spread from nearby canyons and hillsides.

4. Pacific Palisades: Surrounded by wilderness areas, Pacific Palisades has faced wildfire risks.

5. Sylmar: This neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley has experienced wildfires due to its proximity to the Angeles National Forest.

Homeowners affected by wildfires in these and other areas have experienced devastating losses, including damage or complete destruction of their homes and valuables. Wildfires can spread rapidly, leaving little time for evacuation, and homeowners often have to prioritize their safety over retrieving possessions.

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