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Will the LAPD respond to your home alarm? Not all alarms are equal.

97% of home alarms are false and Police Departments are already underfunded and understaffed. The policies and practices regarding alarm response by police departments can vary from one jurisdiction to another. In some areas, police departments may require video verification or other forms of verification before dispatching police units to respond to a home alarm.

Los Angeles Police Department responds faster to video verified alarms.  And if your home has had 2 false alarms in the past 12 months, don't expect a response at all.

Video verification involves integrating security cameras or video surveillance systems with the alarm system. When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring station can remotely access the camera feed to visually verify whether an actual intrusion or emergency is occurring. This verification process can help reduce false alarms and prioritize genuine emergencies, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of police response.

However, not all police departments require video verification, and the level of verification needed may depend on local ordinances, resources, and policies. Some departments may rely on other forms of verification, such as audio verification, two-call verification, or verification through alarm company personnel.

If you have a home alarm system, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the specific policies and requirements of your local police department regarding alarm response. Understanding the verification process can help you optimize the effectiveness of your home security measures and ensure proper communication between the alarm monitoring company and law enforcement in case of an emergency.

LAPD used to have an Alarm Task Force years ago that included residents, professionals, and officers, and was tasked specifically to improve home alarms, signals, verification, statistics, and responses.  I can't find anything about the Task Force today and have spoken to multiple people in the department, it was disbanded for unknown reasons.

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