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Vaultek Motion Activated LED Light with Rechargeable Battery

  • Quickly ADD BRIGHT VIVID LIGHTING to any dark or low lit area, such as an existing safe, bathroom, closet, trunk, or even an RV.
  • It features a MAGNETIC BACK and LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN for quick attachment to steel surfaces, and you can freely move the light around as needed. It can even be carried as a handheld flashlight.
  • BUILT IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY provides 4 hours of illumination time, and can be recharged in 1 hour.
  • Built in MOTION SENSOR has a detection range of 3 feet, and automatically illuminates when any motion is detected, such as a door opening or person walking near.
  • Low profile minimalist design is a great addition to any safe interior and pairs great with the Vaultek RS Series Biometric rifle safes.

Motion Zone:

-  Detects motion up to 3 feet away, within a 100˚ fan from the motion sensor center.

-  The light will stay on if motion is continuous. 

The sensor detects motion in 15 second intervals, so if no motion is detected the light will turn off.

Usage Tips!

-  If the light turns off due to inactivity, there is a 4 second delay before the light will turn on again if motion is detected.

-  If the ambient lighting is too bright, the light will not turn on.

Included Accessory:

Micro-USB charging cable


Battery Life: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Charing Input: 500mA or above at 5v

Charging Indicator: Red for charging and green for charged

Motion Detection Range: 3 feet

Weight: 2.08 ounces

External Dimensions: 2.625” in diameter and .625” tall.

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