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Modern Security

At Modlock Security, we are the premier choice for top-quality security video solutions in the heart of Los Angeles. We take immense pride in serving a diverse clientele, including property management companies, multifamily properties, retail commercial properties, industrial commercial properties, and homeowners across the city. Our mission is simple - to provide cutting-edge security video solutions that ensure the safety and peace of mind of our valued clients. Here's why you should trust us as your security video partner

Our Solutions

Stop crime before it happens

Business Security Cameras

With a deep understanding of the unique security challenges in Los Angeles, we offer tailored security camera solutions for retail, industrial, and office commercial properties.

License Plate Recognition

Having worked with thousands of apartment complexes, we intimately know the challenges with managing on-property traffic and parking. Know who's on your property, slow traffic down, and eliminate unwanted vehicles with Modlock.

Mobile Security Trailers

No power, no internet? No problem. Deter criminals, stop crime when it's happening with talk down speakers, and reduce your labor costs. Lease for 1 month, risk free.

Access Control

Allow your visitors and tenants to use their phones or biometrics to enter your building, and save time with easy cloud based user settings.

Anti Loitering

Automatically detect unwelcome visitors and ask them to leave. We can automate the recording, our have a live guard speak to them.

Ready to experience the best in modern security solutions? Contact Modlock today, and let us be your partner in security and peace of mind.

Phone:- 310-804-5302


Address:- 15 E Holly St. Pasadena, CA 91103

At Modlock, your safety is our top priority. We look forward to serving you with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Our Customers


Enhance the security and safety of your construction site with ai powered mobile security trailers. Our trailers don't just work at night, ai can detect problems and quickly take action remedy the situation


Create a safer living environment for your residents with our state-of-the-art security video systems. Deter potential threats, monitor activity, and ensure the well-being of your residents.

Retail Business

Protect your retail business, employees, and assets with our commercial security video solutions. Deter theft, maintain surveillance, and provide a secure shopping experience.

Elevating Security: The Importance of High-Quality Components

At Modlock Security, we're committed to setting the gold standard for security solutions. We believe that when it comes to safeguarding what matters most, there's no room for compromise. That's why we stress the significance of using only high-quality, professional-grade security cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and cloud AI software in our security solutions.

Durability and Longevity

Durability and Longevity

Our professional-grade security cameras and NVRs are built to withstand the test of time. While DIY cameras might seem less expensive initially, they often use subpar materials like plastic, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Our solutions are an investment in long-term security, providing you with reliable protection for years to come.

Performance and Clarity

Performance and Clarity

When it comes to security, the clarity of your footage is non-negotiable. Our high-quality cameras deliver crisp images and videos, ensuring that you capture every detail, even in challenging lighting conditions. DIY cameras often sacrifice image quality for cost savings.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Our products offer advanced features that DIY cameras can't match. From intelligent analytics to real-time monitoring, our technology takes security to the next level, providing proactive protection and peace of mind.



Security is not something to be taken lightly. Our high-quality components are known for their reliability. You can trust that your security system will function when you need it most, without the risk of breakdowns that DIY cameras may pose.

Customer Testimonials

The Hidden Costs of DIY

While DIY cameras may seem like a cost-effective solution on the surface, they often lead to hidden costs down the road. These costs can include:

🗹 Frequent replacements due to their shorter lifespan.

🗹 Compromised security and missed details due to inferior image quality.

🗹 Frustration in trying to integrate disparate components and devices.

🗹 The risk of system failures when you need it most, leaving your property vulnerable.

Invest in Comprehensive Security

Security is a multi-faceted challenge, and it's not an area to cut corners. High-quality, professional-grade components are the foundation of a robust and reliable security system. At Modlock Security, we're committed to providing you with the best possible security solutions, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you've invested in the safety of what matters most to you.

Don't compromise when it comes to security. Trust the experts and choose professional-grade security components for a comprehensive solution you can rely on.

Video AI software offers property owners a wide range of benefits and analytics that can significantly enhance security, operational efficiency, and overall property management. Here are some of the key advantages and analytics that video AI software can provide property owners:

Intrusion Detection :- Video AI can identify unauthorized access or suspicious behavior and trigger real-time alerts.

Facial Recognition :- It allows for the identification of individuals, helping in access control and visitor tracking.

License Plate Recognition :- Automatically logs and tracks vehicles entering and exiting the property.

Behavior Analysis :- Detect unusual behavior patterns, potentially indicating security threats.

Visitor Management :- Streamline visitor check-ins and monitor visitor traffic.

Crowd and Queue Management :- Analyze crowd density and queue lengths to improve traffic flow.

Energy Efficiency :- Monitor and control lighting, heating, and cooling systems for energy savings.

Asset Tracking :- Track valuable assets, such as equipment or vehicles, within the property.

Maintenance Alerts :-Receive notifications when maintenance is required in specific areas.

Safety Compliance :- Ensure compliance with safety regulations and guidelines.

Occupancy Tracking :- Monitor occupancy levels in shared spaces and manage capacity.

Insurance Premium Reduction :-Some insurers offer reduced premiums for properties with advanced security systems.

Liability Mitigation :- Video evidence can protect property owners in case of accidents or disputes.

Fire and Smoke Detection :- Early detection of fire or smoke can save lives and property.

Medical Emergency Detection :- Detect falls or other medical emergencies to initiate prompt assistance.

Foot Traffic Analysis :-Understand visitor and tenant patterns to optimize services and layouts.

Property Usage Trends :- Analyze data to make informed decisions on space allocation and amenities.

Amenity Usage :- Identify which amenities are popular and how they can be improved.

Incident Investigations :- Easily retrieve video footage for investigations and evidence collection.

Compliance Monitoring :- Ensure that property operations align with industry regulations and standards.

Personnel Optimization :- Improve security and operational efficiency, potentially reducing the need for additional staff.

Energy Savings :- Automated control of utilities can lead to significant cost reductions.

Video AI software can be tailored to the specific needs of the property, offering a flexible and adaptable solution.

Property owners can access real-time video feeds and analytics remotely, providing peace of mind and the ability to respond quickly to incidents.

Anticipate equipment breakdowns or maintenance needs before they cause operational disruptions.

Gain valuable insights into property trends, enabling better decision-making for future planning and improvements.

In summary, video AI software empowers property owners with a wide array of benefits, from bolstering security and operational efficiency to providing valuable insights into property management. It allows property owners to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and ensure the safety and satisfaction of occupants.

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